Candeo Landscape Design Services

Initial Consultation

Consists of a 1 hour site meeting to discuss clients design brief whilst giving advice and recommendations for the proposed project: $220.00 inc. GST.

This price allows for clients in suburban Melbourne only. Rural, interstate and Overseas clients will be priced individually upon request.

Fee Proposal

Client will receive a fee proposal for the design works for their garden as discussed during the initial consultation, the Fee Proposal will cover all aspects of the design phase of the garden project.

At Candeo Design, every garden we design is different. We are passionate and flexible about the gardens we design and their individuality. The design of every garden is priced the same way as it is designed, on it's individual merits.

Design Phase

The Design Phase usually consists of:

Concept Plan – Showing the set out of the garden including paving areas, lawn areas and garden bed. As well as placement of features such as pergolas, garden furniture, steps and walls, water features and sculptures. A concept plan is usually hand coloured and is presented to the client for discussion being going to the Master Plan Phase of the design.

Master Plan – Goes into the detail of the garden. Specifying materials and construction techniques. Showing heights and levels, Plant schedule and Planting plan, Details and elevations (where required), Quantities of materials and approved suppliers. This plan is the finished working plan showing all information for the contractor to work from.

Project Management

Project Management is available by request. Project Management is priced on each projects individual requirement and the client's wishes.

Garden Advisories

Candeo Design is a horticultural based design company where beautiful gardens are our passion. If you are more of a hands on type of person and would like some garden advice Candeo Design is happy to help. 1 hour meeting in your garden to discuss your garden requirements and advise the best ways to help your garden "Grow Brilliant". $220.00 inc. GST. (This price allows for clients in suburban Melbourne only. Rural, interstate and Overseas clients will be priced individually upon request.) Advisories can be longer than 1 hour upon request.

Garden Maintenance

Beautiful gardens are our vision from the start at Candeo Design. Having the garden constructed is the beginning of you gardens life. Seeing it grow and shaping it so that original vision becomes a reality requires quality garden maintenance combined with strong horticultural practices. Candeo Design offers this with its garden maintenance service on the gardens it designs or makes over.

General Inquiries

All gardens are different. At Candeo Design we understand this and we are happy to discuss any issues you may have in or around the garden and hopefully provide and solution for your particular situation. If you are not sure what category you fall under? You may not fall under one? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss and point you in the right direction.