New Zealand Flower and Garden Show 2018 - 'Juxtapose'

Design by – Candeo Design

Presented by Forte Flooring – Millboard Composite Decking

I often feel the two worlds I live in and work in could not be further apart. My work life consists of straight lines, reservation in design, classic plants and polite colours schemes. My personal life involves art, music, tattoos, cars, bikes and urban culture. In this garden we are taking some of the elements I love from both worlds and colliding them into a show garden. A large planter creates the back drop of a modern entertaining area with the decking finished in timber with a classic herringbone corner detail. A timber pergola angled to drawing the viewers eye into the back of the entertaining area where a modern piece of street art is the hero of the area. The entertaining area will be enclosed by an informally woven rope detail to help make the area feel personal and friendly. The plants in the garden could all easily slip straight into a traditional or formal style of garden. We will be planting them in an informal modern classic style that is accepting of the randomness of the rest of the garden.