MIFGS 2012 - 'Surge'

Surge was a collaboration between Candeo Design, Semken Landscaping and Bay Road Nursery for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show 2012.

The inspiration for the garden came from a 2010 ski trip to Japan where Brent noticed the colours of the modern architecture around the ski village. Soft grey’s, white and black with splashes of hot coulors, red or yellow on the modern building formed the basis of what this garden  would become.

A clash of modern entertaining meeting a true gardener’s garden became the result of this interesting and refreshing space.

The garden had 360 degree viewing with informal edges created using granite rocks placed randomly and no boundary walls. Soft planting broke through the rockwork and down to ground level in places surrounding this garden. Pin Oaks created a woodland style planting area framing for the Damian Vick created ‘Surge’ sculpture from which the garden borrowed its name. Planting colour and texture was a highlight throughout this garden.

Planting from Part shade opening up into full sun planting were available to be viewed as you walked around this garden with many plants flowering with perfect timing for the show.

The modern paving was custom made by Anston Paving Stones with some handmade detail pieces such as the cantilevered bench seat appearing from the lawn mound and the coping pieces for the water features recessed to hold the glass covering the ponds. Some of  Anston’s products were thought about and used differently thought out the garden, radius drop down step pieces were cut square to keep grout lines running straight through the entertaining area.

Candeo Design would like to THANK;

Semken Landscaping, Bay Road Nursery, Anston Paving Stones, Damian Vick, Warners Nurseries, Smith and Gordon Nursery, Speciality Trees, Daisy’s Garden Supplies, Green Southern Lights, Andrew Burrett Water Features, Transrock, Lilydale Instant Turf and Tyne Tees Design

For everyone’s hard work and commitment to creating this beautiful garden we are so proud of.