Forest Hills College

School pride and community spirit were to very strong words used in the brief for stages one and two of Forest Hills College. Opening up the planting and creating an entrance into the Administration building of the college was the starting point for this garden. Some beautiful established Eucalyptus species were pruned and tided up by Statewide Tree Services after the overgrown underplanting had been removed. w Castlemaine Crazy paving to the main entrance combined with ‘Montrose’ mix exposed aggregate concrete from Mentone Premix creates the entrance. Custom made bench seating for students was added throughout the garden area.

Creating a garden that is usable for the drama department while adding an area for people to gather before and after events being held in the theatre was a major part of the brief for the second part of these works at Forest Hills College. We created an amphitheatre, with merbau decking stage and planting the will grow and create privacy for an outdoor classroom. Existing large concrete drainage pipes were given a second life after being placed as features in the garden and rendered ready to become student art installations. ‘Mntrose’ mix exposed aggregate concrete was once again used with circles of Castlemaine crazy paving leading you towards the entrance of the theatre. These gardens were all planted by the students of Forest Hills College.