The brief for this 1970’s architecturally design house come art gallery was to create a garden that feels like it was built at the same time as the house. Grey besser blocks untreated and mission brown timber are a perfect background for this retro garden. Anston ‘Brown Cathedral’ pavers are combined with Mintaro Slate crazy paving in the high profile areas of the garden. There is access the entire way around the garden on solid surfaces be it exposed aggregate concrete, the paving as stated or merbau timber decking. A screen has been constructed for privacy and has Parthenocissus quinquefolia (viginian creeper) growing over it giving an amazing autumn foliage display. The front boasts a relaxed almost coastal feel with the decking matching some of the random angles of the architecture. This garden was 6 months on the drawing board, 3 years in construction and is now growing into one of our favourite gardens. If you’re lucky, thanks to the beautiful and generous owners this garden is occasionally opened to public view and has appeared on Gardening Australia on the ABC.

Photo Credit: Josephine Ball