Who says you can't have all the Fun Outside?

There are some great products entering the market that makes creating a unique garden for every individual taste a reality.

As more people make the UAE their home on a permanent basis, trends in landscape design are changing to suit the lifestyle they wish to embrace as well as the climate in which they live. Given that a lot of families head home during the summer months it only seems right to design gardens for the times of year that provide optimal usage.

Pools, for instance, have for a long time been on the top of the wish list for new gardens. They make the centre piece for any stunning outdoor space. Water features in the pool, improved lighting techniques, an endless selection of tiles as well as improved heating and cooling systems allow designers to create a pool that can become a fantastic, as well as useful, garden feature.

Recently there has been a big push towards outdoor entertaining. Gone are the days of sitting around on uncomfortable wooden chairs at the old wooden table waiting for the men to cook the barbecue. These days it is all about comfort and practicality. Customised outdoor kitchens and entertaining is the way to go. Everything needs to be thought about, literally down to the kitchen sink. Barbecues, or even a teppanyaki grill, can be built into granite bench tops with a fridge neatly concealed underneath. Incredibly, today all of life's necessities inside can be available in an outdoor entertaining area.

Outdoor speakers are a must for any modern garden as well as the appropriate lighting to set the mood for the evening festivities. A medium-sized plasma or LCD TV tucked away neatly will entertain everyone from wives to children and a comfortable outdoor lounge area is a must for socialising.

There are some great products entering the market in Dubai that makes creating a unique garden for every individual taste a reality rather than a wish. Designers are now only bound by their imagination and their client's budget in creating the dream outdoor area for every lifestyle.